Masters of Media

After my Bachelor graduation in Media and Culture from the University of Amsterdam I decided to continue my college career by getting my Master New Media and Digital Cultures. Say what?! This is what the course guide has to say about it:

“Students of New Media and Digital Culture gain an in-depth knowledge of new media theory viewed from the perspectives of media-archaeological, materialist and other critical traditions, and applied to such topics as blogging, locative media, networks and protocol. They also receive training in the areas of information-aesthetics and visualisation, in which the emphasis is on how to read, understand and critique information graphics, interfaces and online interactivity.

Graduates in New Media and Digital Culture have the critical faculties, skills and outlook that will enable them to pursue a career in media or the creative and cultural industries, and to offer input at the conceptual level.”

So now you know… Part of the program of this Master was blogging for the official academic Masters of Media blog. I have been publishing these fascinating blogposts, that were originally published on the MoM-blog, here too. Yay! You’ll easily find them in the category: Masters of Media. Enjoy!


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