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At Q42 I got the chance of combining my background in new media studies, gender studies, feminism and my passion for tech by founding Girl Code. When Lieke Boon offered to give a talk about unconscious bias in tech at the office, Katja asked me: “Can’t we make this bigger than just one talk for employees only?”. I answered, “We can and we should!”. And so we did. Girl Code was born and we started to plan our first meetup. Now, Girl Code is independent and works with differing sponsors and hosts.

Professional coders aren’t necessarily male. That is what I see as an undeniable fact, but also as a statement I want to enforce in the real world. Girl Code is my initiative I run with Katja and Kristin to inspire women to get into code and to raise awareness of the gender gap in tech. We think the world of software engineering can only benefit from having more women on board and creating a more diverse field. We hope you’ll join us in making this difference.

I organize Girl Code events and give talks. You can find my blogposts on some of the Girl Code events under the category: Girl Code.

Girl Code at, talks about the challenges of being a (Girl) Coder
Girl Code meets JavaScript at NYCDA, workshop building a Ducky Shooter
Girl Code meets IOT, workshop using Photon Particle
Girl Code meets IOT with i.a. Tessie and Iris from Blue Jay Eindhoven, talks
GCP NEXT World Tour: Girl Code meets Google Vision API, workshop
Night of the Nerds, stand with IOT
VHTO’s Girlsday, workshop using Scratch
Girl Code meets Meteor Rerun, workshop building Tic Tac Toe
Girl Code meets Meteor, workshop building Tic Tac Toe
Nerds on Stage, talk about IOT
Girl Code with i.a. Girls in Tech NL, Lieke Boon and Felienne Hermans, talks


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